• one-day sightseeing trips in Slovenia and to neighbouring countries
  • multiday tours abroad
  • school and kindergarten excursions
  • transport of organized groups (NGO and companies)
  • group transfers to nearby airports
  • 7 buses from 8 to 55 seats
  • covered trailer for up to 19 bicycles
  • assistance to organize meal stops, tourist guides

Price policy

The price depends on the duration of the bus transfer and the distance travelled:

  • If the bus rental is for up to 6 hours in the morning, a or a half-day charter will be charged (125 km) or the number of km actually driven, if more than 125km
  • if the bus rental is longer than 6 hours, a one-day charter will be charged (250 km) or the number of km actually driven, if more than 250 km

In both cases, additional costs (tolls, parking fees) are charged extra if they are incurred in connection with the transportation.

Approximate price per km travelled:

  • for a 50-seater bus is € 1.05 / km net
  • for a 30-seater bus is EUR 0.90 / km net
  • for a 20-seater bus 0.80 EUR / km net.


The price varies and depends on buses occupancy (inquiries) over certain periods.

9.5% VAT is charged on kilometres driven. Tolls, fees, parking fees and other expenses are accounted by the real cost. If the transport last full day (more than 12 hours), the daily allowance will be charged for the driver/s for Slovenia; daily allowance for other EU countries are charged by the national regulation.

Two drivers are included in the case of driving is planned to be longer than 9 hours or the route is longer than 500 km in one day.

We also assist you to help organize trips (choosing catering establishments, scheduling stops, hiring tourist guides, etc.).

Za pravilno delovanje tega spletišča se včasih na vašo napravo naložijo majhne podatkovne datoteke, imenovane piškotki. Sistemski piškotki, ki so nujni za delovanje, so že dovoljeni. Vaša izbira pa je, da dovolite ali zavrnete piškotke analitike in trženja, ki nudijo boljšo uporabniško izkušnjo, enostavnejšo uporabo strani in prikaz ponudbe, ki je relevantna za vas.